Fall 2020 Poll

Please answer the following questions to help us decide how to best move forward in the fall.

Do you watch church online? If so, how do you currently view the online gathering?
If the only option was to meet in our Missional Communities and have online gatherings, would you prefer a zoom gathering or watching the gathering online?

If we chose to meet in person for Sunday gatherings during the current conditions of Covid -19, we would have to adhere to the social distancing protocols.

Church gatherings would have the following restrictions:

  • Everyone would have to wear a mask at all times.

  • No congregational singing (we would still have a worship team with a clear barrier to separate from audience)

  • No food or coffee

  • No nursery

  • Possible limited children’s ministry

  • Must sanitize hands on the way in and the way out

  • Families need to be 6ft away from each other at ALL times

If you have to wear a mask to a church gathering, would you attend?
Would you expect the church to provide a mask for you?
For parents of preschool children: If there is no nursery, would you attend? Toddlers have to stay with their parents and are not allowed to wander.

If we chose to offer Children’s Ministry, it would have the following restrictions:

  • Children of appropriate age would have to wear a mask

(following school guidelines)

  • No singing

  • No shared toys

  • No snacks

  • Each child would have their own craft supplies and utensils

(markers, crayons etc.)

Under these conditions would you bring your children to participate in children’s ministry?
Would you attend if there is no children’s ministry? Children would have to sit at a table with their family in the adult gathering space.

We are considering two different ways we might gather on a Sunday:

Scenario A

While maintaining the above social distancing restrictions, In our current facility (Delta Hotel) we would have to restrict the number of attenders to meet social distancing requirements. You would be designated a week to attend church.

(Given the current number of families, you would be able to attend about once a month)

Scenario B

While maintaining the above social distancing restrictions, we could explore renting a larger facility where everyone could attend, and possibly have food served. Due to the higher cost of this option, we would be gathering in person every other month.

Which option do you prefer?

Please note:

  1. When a second wave occurs, depending on the intensity, the Government may impose further restrictions again. Meeting together in large gatherings could be suspended.

  2. If someone who has recently attended tests positive for Covid-19, it may result in large gatherings being suspended and for attendees that have been exposed to self-isolate.

  3. Online church would still be available.

Do you feel safe to return to a large Sunday gathering in person during Covid-19?
Tell us how you have been processing life during the pandemic?
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