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Missional Communities

Living and learning together

Jesus calls us to be known by our love for one another,
which can only happen in community.

But... there's only so much we can get out of participation on a Sunday. With a handful of friends we can truly be known.  That's why we believe that as followers of Jesus, we need to participate in a smaller group as well as in a larger community. We invite you to join a missional community and grow with us as disciples of Jesus.


Sundays are when we meet in our Missional Communities to hear the weeks message. Together we discuss how this can apply to our lives and how we can live it out.


Weekdays are when we celebrate together! Over Zoom or in person, we get to know each other by sharing a meal and conversation.

Join Us!

If you want to start a connection with us, just fill out this form and we will match you with a Missional Community closest to your location!

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